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Your Puppy Can’t Wait To Be Yours.

Be ready for them when they come home!

A female blenheim cavalier running through a field towards her owners.

We send your puppy home with a good start.

We register your puppy with the AKC before it goes home. We microchip your puppy and register the chip in your name. We activate a free month of health insurance through the AKC.

Three brand new puppies nursing.
Details of our typical “go-home” bag
  • a week of dog food
  • mildly medicated ear rinse to avoid ear infections after baths
  • puppy collar and leash
  • collapsible dog bowl and a roll of poop bags
  • vaccination schedule and pre-registered microchip tag
  • tooth scaler for dental care, comb and brush.
A note about umbilical hernias…

Small umbilical hernias are prevalent in Cavaliers and do NOT affect quality of life. By focusing more on heart, eye, hip, patella, and genetic health, we are improving everything we can that will affect your Cavalier’s health. A small umbilical hernia is nonthreatening and will very often close on its own by 18 months of age. Most vets prefer to close the hernia if it is still open when they alter (spay or neuter) your pet and will charge an additional fee. It is typically a quick and basic procedure that heals easily. The only time an umbilical hernia NEEDS to be fixed is if it is large enough for the intestine to get caught in. We do not guarantee that any puppy you purchase from us will be hernia-free, nor that they will not develop a hernia after coming home. We do guarantee a companion that will love you for life, and that will come from extensively health-tested parents. We do our best to maximize your success with a happy, healthy puppy.

Blenheim Cavalier looking up at the sky in a forest.

Training at home has videos for training available to the public for free. The videos address excessive barking, potty training, sports training, and trick training.

Local training classes like Puppy Manners or Beginning Obedience are also great resources. In a group setting, your puppy learns to focus on you amidst other dogs and distractions. Our local trainer of choice is Blue Phantom Dog Training. Ashley has a “board-and-train” month-long session that several families purchasing puppies from us have taken advantage of before picking up their puppy.

Favorite Dog Products from Amazon

Dog Crate: 2 door, 22″ on Amazon. I love the Amazon brand closing latches; I feel like they are more secure and won’t slip open if a dog scratches at them. I use the 22″ size for puppies and I go to the 24″ size when they reach adult size.

Dog Food: Purina ProPlan Sensitive Stomach & Skin Puppy on Amazon. Instinct Be Natural on Amazon.

Dog Treats: I use these thick bully sticks from Amazon because they last longer than the thin small breed ones. Ten minutes twice a week of gnawing really boosts dental health and prevents retained baby teeth.