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The Lovable Boy who Started it ALL.

Handsome male Blenheim Cavalier stands sideways showing beautiful structure and coloring.
Ruby Cavalier sitting on a girl's lap in a building.
Sonora waiting for her turn in the ring with L.

Let’s go hand in hand, not one before another.

-William Shakespeare, A Comedy of Errors

Let’s work together.

A win for you is a win for the breed, and for all of us invested in healthy, beautiful companions that adhere to the AKC standard for Cavaliers.

Our breeding goal is to produce amazing and versatile companions. Health, longevity, trainable and pleasant temperament, and sound structure are all important.

A young boy reading to his black and tan Cavalier on a camp chair.
Lincoln and T – reading buddies.


Rally is a course navigation competition that highlights teamwork and your dog’s talents. It is very intense at the higher levels, but the novice levels are something that many dog owners can do successfully! We dabble in Rally Novice and Rally Intermediate. If you want to participate in Rally, we recommend taking Basic Obedience classes at training facility near you!


FastCat is a hundred mile dash done by dogs one at a time. The dogs are timed and their scores are released as miles per hour. After several runs, you and your dog can earn an AKC FastCat title. Rio in particular LOVES FastCat and will be starting Lure Coursing in 2024. Typically, clubs putting on a FastCat event will let your dog have a trial run for a reduced fee. Trial runs allow you to see if your dog has the right drive to run this event.